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Stop Struggling 


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I'm in all the Facebook groups, and I've seen all of your questions. The birth professional industry is so near and dear to my heart, and I feel called to help you all succeed.

Have you been dreading working on your social media and marketing for your birth business because you just don't know where to start? 

Are you trying to come up with content ideas, but your mind just goes blank?


Do you feel like features and trends change so fast that you just can't keep up?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you definitely want to keep reading!

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So I created Birth Pro Marketing to help you up-level your social media and marketing knowledge so you can truly help more parents and fill up your calendar.

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I'm sure you're wondering "What makes this membership different than others?" Well, I eat, sleep, and breathe marketing for birth professionals. Not only do I market for myself, but my whole business is based around marketing for other birth professionals.

I've been trained by award winning marketing professionals, and I keep up to date on all the newest trends and strategies. I'm also a trained birth professional myself, so I know exactly what you are looking for in your business.

I've been doing this for years now, and it's time to share all my secrets with you! That's why Birth Pro Marketing comes with an UNLIMITED support option via a private Facebook group at no extra cost!

 You can't get better service than that.

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Now, don't get me wrong. Marketing can be HARD. You have to keep up with all the changes and trends, and it doesn't come naturally to everyone (I know I had a terrible time at first!)


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I created this membership because I know how hard marketing can be, and how much easier it would make my life if I had someone to guide me in the right direction.

I want you to have an easier time so you can focus on what's really important - getting your clients in the door!

So for a limited time, I'm opening up Birth Pro Marketing to anyone who wants to invest in themselves and their business.

When you join today, you’d get the following EVERY SINGLE MONTH so you can truly learn how to make your social media and marketing STAND OUT

  • Top Video Trends

  • Content Calendar 

  • Exclusive Graphics

  • Hashtag Bundles 

  • Exclusive Templates Delivered Monthly

  • Updates on Social Media Changes

  • Zoom meetings to ask all of your burning questions

  • Masterclasses about marketing 

  • and more…

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But wait… I have more

Did I Mention the perks? By joining today you will get 

$80 Credit to Lem and June
Free Social Media Audit


Stacey Wodin 

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Your Birth Pro Marketing Guru

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Hi, I’m Stacey, and I’m the visionary and creator of Stellar Lifestyle Management. My career spans over 20 years, where I have gained a variety of experience and have worn many hats in the industry, ranging from roles as a nanny, house manager, personal assistant, newborn care specialist, and now a social media and marketing expert. 

I believe that my two most valuable assets are my network and my reputation.My role has come in many forms, but one thing that has remained; My love for being a part of an ever growing industry. I strive for continued success, not just within myself, but with my peers and those moving in the same direction. I am someone who continues to gain momentum by helping everyone that I can. 

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“Working with stellar lifestyle management has been so amazing I’m growing my social media platform. Stacey and her team‘s attention to detail, commitment , and research on my particular market and demographic shows in every post that they help facilitate for me. My followers grew from a few thousand to over 10K and as little as 6 months. Stacey and her team always make a point to craft a marketing plan and captions that are in line with my voice, feel organic ,and are always authentic. I am so grateful to stellar lifestyle management for their help in growing my social media platform a true joy to work with.”

My followers grew from a few thousand to over 10K and as little as 6 months


- Marti Hines

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I have answers

Q. Who’s this membership for?

A. If you’re in the birth world, you're looking to grow your following, expand your reach, land your ideal client, and be known as an expert in your field, then this membership is for you!

Q. How long is the membership?

A. The membership is a monthly program.

Q. Where is the membership hosted?

A. There will be a private Facebook group where conversations and questions can be had. Monthly resources such as templates and such will be emailed to you directly, and office hours for Q&A will be hosted via zoom.

Q. Is this membership the same as others out there?

A. Simply put, NO! This is a ONE OF A KIND membership because it's specifically for birth professionals and if put on by a marketing and social media expert with a background in the birth world.

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So now are you ready to become a birth professional superstar and get more clients? Join our Birth Pro Marketing today to receive our founder’s price of $27 per month!



Birth Pro Marketing is the ONLY resource out there that is geared towards helping you grow your birth business on social media and perfect your marketing strategy.

Choose from two payment options:

Best Value (Pay In Full)
Annual membership price includes 1 month free

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